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What our clients think about us

Thank you Stochastic for bringing me quality leads for the summer of 2016.  Our first experience with your direct mail was a success.  Numbers don’t lie. We mailed 16,000 letters promoting heating and air conditioning replacements, spent $5,336 and sold $121,224 worth of installations!  We are very happy with the results and eager to jump on another direct mail campaign ASAP!

Sarah KellamKellam Mechanical

I just wanted to let you know that we have been having great results with Stochastic. The tune up post cards worked so well that we had to stop them for awhile because we couldn’t keep up. I appreciate how quickly your team is at fixing and or changing our ads so they turn out great. You guys make direct mail easy to do!

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you how much I appreciate what you do at Stochastic marketing. I have used a lot of direct mail companies over the last 21 years but none can even come close to what you have done for our business. The tracking, the reports, and the MEER scores for each of our 5 locations is so helpful to see where our marketing dollars go and the rate of response for each piece takes the guesswork out of it. The tune-up cards work so well I have to stop them after just a few weeks! Thanks again!

I met Mike Layton through relationships within my franchise group. Mike helped us grow our business by analyzing demographic data from our trade area and directing us to market in areas that made the most sense for us to meet our goals. The data includes who our target consumer is and where they live, and what our penetration is in that area. He saves us unnecessary marketing expenses by not mailing into areas where we won’t realize our goals. Mike is a straight-shooter and an intelligent guy who will absolutely help you grow your business.

After reviewing the M.A.P the Detailed Binder with all of the customer, service area, and potential strengths and weakness we may have in it confirm some of the things that I thought was happening but you really never know for sure but after reviewing, its like a (Night Vision) for your business exposing the things you know are there but cant see, the report was very detailed but easy to understand, it has been a great value working with you and your staff with different services you provide.

I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for all of the things you have done for us. When we started the marketing program with Stochastic we had no idea how powerful it was. You not only helped us define our market,and what were our goals you tailored a direct marketing program for us that can be tracked and produced results that met our goals.This year we are adding to our website that will also tie in nicely with what you are doing for us. Our sales continue to rise in the replacement department and because of the tracking results we now see that the first year customer is priceless. Looking forward to the next MEER score results and the other new items we have in our 2015 vision statement.

Stan BassettBassett Services

Thanks Mike for the MEER report. It took me a few days to read, and WOW what a report. It blew me away. I’m disappointed in myself for not using the vast resource you and Erik provide to my benefit. But, you can bet I will. Now as for Erik, his past HVAC experience servers me well. When we do speak (My fault we don’t speak enough, but that is going to change) he has given insightful and unique  tips to better my marketing for my company. Just to share, last year with the disappointing numbers and ROI the newspaper was delivering, I decided to completely stop all newspaper advertising. We relied on the direct mail programs Stochastic provided, and as yo can see by our MEER report our numbers where up. But also the MEER report shows we have a lot of potential to grow and capitalize on our market. Thanks again for Erik and the eye opening report.

I have done all sorts of marketing and by far Stochastic has been one of the best moves we as a company have made. They bring a great level of knowledge to how to be more intentional with the money you are going to spend on direct mail. The way they track your potential clients and zone in makes a huge difference. I believe they could take pretty much any size company and make them appear as the big fish in the small pond. They do this buy figuring out how big of a pond your budget can afford to saturate enough to own.

Terry BarrettAirNow

The best thing I can say about working with Stochastic Marketing is that when I am on their program, my phone rings more often, and my customer base grows. Stochastic makes my job easier by providing detailed analysis of our existing customer base and ensuring that I am marketing to the right people at the right time. For years we tried to do direct mail “in house”. Half the office would spend days printing, stuffing, and stamping. Stochastic is truly turn-key. They are my most reliable and easiest to use source for marketing.

Mike AtchleyAtchley Air

We have been with Stochastic Marketing for just a little while now, and before we even started using them we were impressed. They used our data and opened our eyes beyond what we thought was possible. I planned to increase our direct mail budget this year, but it actually decreased. Direct mail felt so much like throwing money away at times but Stochastic helped us fix that and now we are confident we have a game plan for this year.

The MEER Score Reports were eye opening to us. They allowed us to see, in vivid colors, the areas our marketing efforts should be directed. It was amazing the amount of detailed information these reports generated. It was also very interesting to learn where we were finally reaching new customers – which subdivisions and neighborhoods. We recently used this same tactic in evaluating our newest shop location and to help direct which areas/zipcodes we will focus on first. We have enjoyed tremendous response to our mailings and a substantial amount of new customer business and maintenance agreement members. There are so many related metrics that we had never had the resources to analyze that have been very instructive in our marketing efforts. Plus, these folks are just plain amazing people to work with.

It is nice to see what the results of our advertising spends are, what physical locations are providing revenue vs those that are not, and where we can increase or decrease advertising dollars. As you know we went through a huge growth spurt this last year which in large part was the result of you and Eric analyzing our data and making recommendations. In the past we marketed to our entire city. Now we are focusing our advertising and it has made a huge difference.

Stochastic marketing introduced us to the “Alpha Score” which measures how quickly we close equipment replacements. With Stochastic’s help, we learned that roughly 84% of our revenue is generated within the first year of meeting the customer. This information has had a huge impact on how we target and handle our customers. Our industry has a long standing belief that repeat customers were where the money was, but with the wealth of data provided by Stochastic’s Alpha Score, we’ve been able to tailor our marketing and grow our business faster than ever before.

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