Geography Matters For Growth: Own Your Backyard

Did you know that on average, 28% of all zip codes in a contractor’s service area generated nearly 84% of their total sales? And, in many cases, the contractor hasn’t even come close to reaching their potential share within those zip codes. 

We Can Help You Pinpoint The Right Zip Codes

Less than 15% of the prospects in “your” market are good prospects for your mail. Your best opportunities are likely to be in 5 or 10 zip codes, perhaps even 20 zip codes if you are a $10MM+ contractor. We can help you identify and target your best zip codes and your best prospects within those zip codes.

Your Marketing Efficiency & Effectiveness Review (MEER)

Your MEER score is precisely what its name implies. It is a review on how efficient and effective your marketing and sales efforts turn into new customers and how that compares with contractors like you. This is one of the things that makes Stochastic Marketing your best choice for direct marketing services.  We ask for up to seven years of your invoice data to identify the prospects who are most likely to turn into a customer for you.

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Determining Your MEER Score

Our data analytics team cleans the data, performs almost 500 calculations, and grades your results on things like average new customer value, average existing customer value, new customer production, sales (actual vs potential) as well as performing a market appraisal for all the zip codes you do business in.  The data we collect and report on will become the foundation of your business and marketing strategy for the next several years.

Greater Knowledge Equals Greater Efficiencies

Some of these metrics will challenge your perception of conventional contractor marketing advice. But much of that advice was based on twenty-year-old opinions, not logic, facts, or statistical analysis of actual-world contractor data.

Stochastic Marketing’s MEER Score report is the residential HVAC and plumbing contracting industries’ first statistically accurate explanation of why contractor marketing does or doesn’t work – and most importantly, how to make it more efficient.

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