How Efficient Is Your Sales Team?

How well do you sell? How many homes do you visit before you get a replacement sale? It’s an essential question about sales performance that most people don’t take the time to ask. Even worse, the contractors who take the time to ask are often using broken metrics, such as the average ticket, total sales, and ROI calculations. These may seem like valuable numbers, but sadly they are usually misleading and completely wrong in many cases. Errors occur, in part, because there is no standard for calculating the average ticket, so it’s never an apples-to-apples comparison. Total sales are drastically different depending on the region of the US in which you operate. ROI only measures the “hits,” not the number of “at-bats,” thus offering little insight into the real opportunity the contractor had. Typically, contractors using Stochastic produced 28% more HVAC replacements per 100 homes visited.

How Many Homes Before You Make A Replacement Sale?

Because of these broken metrics, we evaluate contractor performance sincerely and candidly in a way that allows us to compare contractors in any state, in any region, and of any size to each other. That tool is our replacement efficiency analysis. It gets to the heart of what matters to a contractor are they finding all the replacement opportunities they should. It’s a simple calculation – how many homes did you get into versus how many installs did you perform. From there, we can tell you how your sales team stacks up to the national or regional average. We can also determine if you are spending too much time in the wrong homes and if you are successfully dispatching for profits.

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