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What we do

Direct Mail

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Stochastic Marketing uses a direct mail data model to identify the prospects who are most likely to turn into new customers for an individual contractor.  We’ve analyzed everything about the more than 70,000,000 contractor homeowners that contractors have visited.

Our model includes everything from how much money they make, how much money they have, how long they’ve lived in the home, are they married, un-married, where they went to school, how old they are all the way down to details like what car they drive.  This goes into our selection of how likely prospects are to turn into a new customer for YOU.  This includes a realistic assessment of how you stack up against your competitors (it’s different in each zip code).

Stochastic tracks the results from a variety of replacement and service offerings for HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical contractors throughout the US.  Mail is produced and mailed from the Saint Louis area (typically every Thursday) and arrives in homes across the United States usually on Tuesday.  Typically, our direct mail prices are cheaper than any alternatives and there is no long-term commitment required by the contractor.  We can track your mail from manufacturing through delivery into homes – and then we begin monitoring your calls.

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Customer Loyalty Program

Our data model shows that your past customers generate 50% of your revenue and your competitors want to take that revenue from you. Defend yourself against this attack with an automated, multi-channel loyalty program.

Stochastic Marketing analyzes your customer data with our Stochastic customer model which can then predict which customers need more of your services. We then automatically send perfectly timed postcards, personalized emails, and engaging social media advertisements to keep them coming back to you.

When you say yes to this program we’ll take care of everything else for you. No more worrying if your postcards were mailed, if your email was sent or if you set up your advertising correctly. Worry-free, hassle-free. Follow the link to sign up:

Call Tracking

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Using Conversation Analytics and our proprietary algorithms we can analyze every call to determine the quality of the leads from any or all marketing as well as your individual agent’s sales skills and booking success.  Every day you will receive a report with call volumes, lead scores and agent sales performance for the most recent day, week, month and trailing fourteen months.  Throughout the day, you will receive automatic notifications of calls that you should have booked but may have missed the opportunity.  Every week you will receive a report with detailed information on every call and how your performance stacks up with all the other contractors we are monitoring.

Here is the best part – THIS IS FREE – to Stochastic customers!

The Marketing Efficiency & Effectiveness Rating report (the MEER Score)

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One of the things that makes Stochastic Marketing your best choice for direct marketing services is our MEER Score report.  In order to identify the prospects who are most likely to turn into a customer for you, we ask for up to seven years of your invoice data.  We clean the data, perform almost 500 calculations and grade your results on things like average new customer value, average existing customer value, new customer production, sales (actual vs potential as well as performing a market appraisal for all the zip codes you do business in.  Our staff refreshes and reviews your progress with you every ninety days as we help you transform your business.  For a detailed explanation of what the MEER Score will tell you about your business and how to improve the effectiveness of your sales and marketing click.

Here is the best part – THIS IS FREE – to Stochastic customers, a $2500 value.

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