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What is Meer Score?

Marketing Efficiency and Effectiveness Rating

Your Marketing Efficiency and Effectiveness Rating report (your MEER Score) is exactly what it’s name says it is. It is a report card on how effective and efficiently your marketing and sales efforts are turning into new customers and how that compares with contractors who already own companies like yours.

Less than 15% of the prospects in “your” market are a good prospect for your mail.. They will all be located in 5 or 10 zip codes. Maybe 20 zip codes if you are a $10MM+ contractor. Prospects with the same demographics and homes in the other 50 -100 zip codes that your vans visit occasionally will come to you from TV, Radio, Internet or other forms of marketing. We can help you with that too but we only mail for one contractor in an individual zip code. We may be helping as many six contractors in a metro area with up to 3 million people. Area conflicts are uncommon and we will identify them before we start working with you.

Our data analytics team uses your invoice data, spends hours cleaning up your files, makes over 500 calculations and compares your results against our data on over $7 Billion dollars of our customer’s sales in your custom Marketing Efficiency & Effectiveness Rating report. That’s a more than 50 page report that will be the foundation of your business and marketing strategy for the next several years. Every 90 days we will update your report with your latest data and review your progress on the measurements shown below.

Some of these metrics will challenge your perception of conventional contractor marketing advice. But much of that advice was based on twenty-year old opinions not logic, facts or a statistical analysis of real world contractor data.

Stochastic Marketing’s MEER Score report is the residential HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical contracting industries first statistically accurate explaination of why contractor marketing does or doesn’t work – and most importantly how to make it more efficient.


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