Victor Rancour is the owner of Absolute Airflow Heating and Air based in beautiful Orange County, California.

Starting from a humble beginning, Absolute Airflow was established in 2018 and started with nothing more than a vision. The now successful company began when CEO and founder Victor Rancour was picking a pizza from his friend’s shop. With the drive to succeed and the motivation to create something of his own, Rancour and his friend had a name, logo, and two trucks to begin their journey five days later.

Rancour went from having daily meetings outside a pizza shop to building a company based on honesty and integrity that is now the fastest growing HVAC company in the country. His hard work and dedication to build a highly professional, background-checked, and trained team while ensuring quality and genuine care to his customers led his company to take off. Seven months into business Absolute Airflow generated $2.2 million in revenue and became Orange County’s number one American Standard dealer within four months of opening.

Victor Rancour’s HVAC Background

Rancour’s success came from his desire to create a company that would prioritize the customer with expert service. Before beginning his ventures at Absolute Airflow, he dove into the industry in 2015 with no idea what HVAC even was. After six to eight weeks of training, Rancour was recognized as a top repair main in the country within a month and promoted within his company in two months – which is the fastest in that company.

He was dedicated to improving, and within six months into the company, he took classes to become Nate certified, which is the highest technical training award you can get in HVAC. One year into the industry, he won AirTime 500’s number one selling tech in the country multiple times in one year.

His success eventually led him to more advanced opportunities. Rancour’s boss saw potential in his work ethic and passion and flew him and his family out to Hawaii to lead in another company as a sales and service manager while still selling. His two job experiences led him to understand the ins and outs of the industry on a deeper level. Rancour soon realized that he could create a company that revolved around excellent customer service and intentionally caring about clients. His vision led him to quit his job five days after breaking his company’s sales record and taking a leap of faith to build something of his own.

Exceeding Customer’s Expectations

With the foundation of Absolute Airflow being built on the values of honesty, respect, accountability, and integrity, the company revolves around servicing customers wholeheartedly. Rancour genuinely cares about his customers and ensures expectations are met. He assures the best employees work for his company by requiring thorough background checks and ensuring his employees are professional, licensed, insured, and certified.

Customer’s come first at Absolute Airflow, and if a customer is not happy or their expectations are not met, the company will do what it takes to rectify the situation. Members who join Absolute Airflow’s exclusive club membership program can expect technicians to show up and fix their systems within a day. Rancour assures that he will do everything he can to make sure a member’s broken A/C is fixed on a hot summer day within the same day.


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