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Mike Layton

Mike Layton

During the 25 years before he made a cold call on the headquarters of an HVAC & Plumbing franchisor he founded, bought or sold six companies in the printing, direct mail, e-commerce fulfillment, call center and outsourced business processes businesses.

For about 20 years, Mike specialized in helping Fortune 500, catalog and e-commerce companies outsource their business processes to his companies and liquidate their in-house marketing staffs, software systems, facilities and equipment.

In 2007 he directed the construction of the residential HVAC & Plumbing industries first data model that has evolved into today’s Marketing Efficiency & Effectiveness Rating report or MEER Score.

Although he is the son of an HVAC repairman he knew nothing about the HVAC or plumbing business until an accidental cold call led him to focus Stochastic Marketing’s business on improving contractor marketing.

For the past ten years he has used the techniques learned from e-Commerce, catalog, insurance, consulting, technology and franchisors to analyze more than 70,000,000 contractor visits to homes in a quest to understand how to improve contractor marketing.

Nearly every original contractor marketing metric he has analyzed has been proven to be either wrong or accidentally correct..

Mike holds an undergraduate degree in Marketing from St. Louis University and an MBA from the University of Missouri with an emphasis in Financial Intermediaries.

He co-authored the book “8 Figure Exit Strategy for HVAC & Plumbing Contractors” with Walter Bergeron.

Married to Ann for more than 30 years, they are the proud parents of 4 sons.

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