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Erik Wytrwal

Senior Consultant
Erik Wytrwal

Erik has been working with Stochastic Marketing since 2012. Before joining the Stochastic Marketing team, he was a customer. Erik directed the marketing and managed the call center for a residential HVAC contractor during which time their sales nearly doubled to $7.5 million and they booked calls at over 85%. Working in that role, side by side with the owner who was also the national franchise brand president, he advised franchisees across the country on marketing strategies. He also helped to successfully launch a sister plumbing company.

Erik took the opportunity to join the Stochastic team to capitalize on his marketing expertise and knowledge of the industry. He now works with contractors from Alaska to Florida helping to identify marketing needs, create custom plans, and closely monitor results to ensure success. He also works with many of his clients as a consultant, helping them plan and implement their local marketing strategy.

He graduated from the University of Louisville with degrees in Psychology and Communications, with an emphasis on Broadcast Media. Selected from more than 100,000 applicants, he was offered the opportunity to study branding and advertising at Walt Disney University and graduated with highest honors.

After college, he moved to Wyoming to take a position as the statewide Branding and Sales Manager for a tobacco company. During his tenure he was able to successfully launch 4 new products into the top 10 in sales. When the company was purchased and liquidated, his products held the number 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 places in total sales within the state. Sales across all brands increased by 23%, the most in the nation./p>

The proud father of Matilda Rae, Erik’s wife Lisa tells him he used to hunt, fish and ride motorcycles.

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