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Charlie Klasek

Director of Analytics, Senior Consultant
Charlie Klasek

Charles G. Klasek (Charlie) has been associated with Stochastic Marketing since 2008. During more than 30 years in business he has bought and sold 6 companies in such fields as direct mail production and marketing, data processing and analytics, high speed packaging, inbound and outbound call centers, web offset printing, bindery and graphic finishing.

At Stochastic Marketing, in addition to working with clients he has designed and implemented the Company’s direct mail production systems and processes and continues to oversee the team that produces the weekly mail programs.

One of the two parents of the Meer Score he also manages the team that does the analysis and produces contractor’s Meer Score Reports.

At age 24 he became the third generation of Klaseks in a direct mail business which he built from $500,000 to more than $8,000,000 in sales and 125 employees.

In his career he has worked extensively with publishing companies selling subscriptions, political and not-for-profit organizations raising money, retail organizations driving customers to stores, banks both soliciting new customers and cross selling existing customers, turnstile turning programs for entertainment companies, franchises, catalogers, and small businesses of every shape and description.

Charlie holds an undergraduate degree in Finance from St. Louis University and an MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University with an emphasis in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Studies.

He doesn’t hunt or fish, but having been around Mike for so long he can seem interested while smiling and nodding when it is being described.

Married to Polly for more than 25 years, they are the proud parents of 2 beautiful daughters.

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